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Nicor 12.25" Type A Water Meter Box Cover, 12-1/4" Polymer Lid, fits 11.25" ID Ring


  • $38.95

Type A
Nicor Meter Box Cover 
Round Top Lid for iron meter pit ring 
for water meters in underground pits
With "Type-A" lids, the top lip of the lid sits INSIDE THE LIP of the iron ring.. If your existing ring  on top of  the ring edges, it is a C or X style lid and you need to see our other listings.  See drawing in photos, or contact us before buying if unsure of lid type needed.
Replaces metal top lids - Iron A style ring not included.
For replacement of existing lids for better radio reading, upgrading pits, or replacing broken lids.
  • Approximate Measurements
    • Outer Diameter of top - 12-1/4"
    • Inner Diameter (bottom) -  10-3/4"
    • Thickness of top lip/flange 11/16"
    • Overall Thickness - 1-3/8"
  • Polymer lid
    • Radio Transparent for Automatic Meter Reading Transmitters
    • Won't Rust
    • No Iron scrap value to attract theft
    • Light weight for shipping
    • Strong H20 traffic rating safe for driveways, sidewalks and lawn vehicles
  • Brass Pentagon lock nut and plastic underside worm gear
Many under-lid mounting options and brackets for most  AMR/AMI radio transmitters or antennas
  • Aclara - Preformed screw holes for mounting MIU (no mounting bracket needed)
  • Badger Orion transmitter and Kamstrup antenna - Has 1.75" threaded hold  for directing attachment of MIU (no mounting bracket needed)
  • U-bracket mount available separately for standard 1.75" hole  mounts. One or two brackets can be installed in preformed slots
    •  Includes Sensus, Neptune, Badger, and other MIU's that mount through a 1.75" - 2" hole.
  • Special Itron compatible bracket available separately for mounting 60w and 100w ERT's and Master Meter 3G XTR's
  • Special brackets available custom made for Hersey/Mueller Hot Rod and MiNet transmitters (special order - contact us)
  • U-bracket shown in photos is available as an option and not included.
Quantity Purchases - Contact us for a quote on quantities of 60 or more.

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