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Remote Water Meter Reading - Touch Reading and Visual Remotes

We have several products for remote meter reading. If you have water meter located in a place that is difficult to read, such as a basement, tenant apartment, or underground meter pit, a wired remote allows easy meter reading without actually being at the meter. There are two major types of remote wired meter reading, Touch pad based reading, and visual remotes. Both use the same encoder output water meter registers. For wireless systems, see our listings for AMR and AMI Systems

Visual Remotes

Kemp Meek VL-9 Remote Visual Water Meter RegisterVisual remotes like the VL-9 display the reading from the outside of the building, wired to the water meter encoder. The VL-9 display has a button that displays the current meter reading when tapped. Anyone can read the meter remotely. The reading can be written down, entered in reading software or read with an OCR capable reading device such as the DataZeo meter reading app. Due to potential inaccuracies of pulse based meters and remotes, we only deal with absolute encoder based remote displays.

Touch Reading

EasyProbe touch water meter readerTouchpad or touch read based meters have an induction coil based reading pad that is mounted outdoors and wired to the encoder registers. The meter reading is obtained by an reading devices or wand. A simple touch reader like the EasyProbe simply reads and displays the meter on a handheld device. There are other devices like the Kemp Meek MP-70101C and MP-70101D which can store readings in memory for download to a computer. The models MP-70101A and MP-70101B can display readings or with a cable transfer them to a handheld meter reading computer.


Kemp Meek MP-70101 Touchpad Reader

Readers compatible with touch reading technologies from: ABB/Elster (ScanCoder), Badger (BadgerTouch/Dialog), Hersey/Mueller, Hexagram, Master Meter (Dialog/Dialog2G), Metron-Farnier, Neptune Technologies(ARB/ProRead), Performance, Precision, Pro-Link, Sensus (TouchRead), Schlumberger, Zenner

Looking to upgrade to wireless Radio Frequency Meter Reading also known as AMR or AMI? See our Kamstrup USB Reader and READy AMR and AMI meter reading systems and software