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Utility Technologies provides technology products, software, and services for the utility industry, primarily water and wastewater utilities. We are located in the mid-west United States, serving public and private utilities in Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. We also serve the waterworks and submetering market nationwide through our online store and eBay store. Please see our website for more information on the following products and Services:

Water Metering: We market Kamstrup ultrasonic water meters and READy AMR/AMI meter reading systems, Siemens mag meters, Android and IOS Meter Reading Apps, Micronics Clamp-on Ultrasonic Meters, Nicor meter box covers, meter couplings, and other accessories.

GIS, Asset Management, Analytics, Apps, and Software: We represent 64 Seconds GIS and mobile asset management apps, SXblue GNSS receivers and software, and are certified approved trainers on EPA CUPSS asset management software. We also represent H2O Analytics Utility Management analytics software, and develop custom mobile apps for utilities and municipalities. We also market utility billing and management software, and MDM (meter data management) software.

Leak Detection and Water Loss Management: We market 64 Seconds leak locators, leak correlators, and leak mapping software; Sewerin leak detectors, leak noise correlators, and leak logging and mapping systems, and hydrogen gas water line leak detectors. We market mapping software and do water loss management consulting.

Locating, Marking, and utility tools: We market underground pipe & cable locators from Sewerin and Copperhead, metal detectors and valve box locators, Marking paints and flags, measuring wheels, and valve box and meter box tools

Wastewater: We market sewer cameras, smoke testing systems, leak tracing dyes, and Sewer/Water plant dehumidifiers.

Leak Locators, Leak Noise Correlators, and Leak Loggers

Tools & Accessories

Meter Couplings & Flanges

Water Meter Gaskets