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Sewerin SDR wireless Headphones for Hard Hat Safety Helmet Mount

Hermann Sewerin

  • $493.00

Wireless F8 H SDR Noise Protection Headphones

  • Fits Most Standard Safety Helmets, Hard Hats with side clip slots
    • Helmet socket: 30mm euroslot (3M headphone connection)
    • Hard Hat Safety Helmet not included
  • Sewerin SDR (Sewerin Digital Radio) wireless Headphones
  • Works with all Sewerin "SDR" leak locator  and correlator products
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Charging socket in one side
  • Power switch on on side
  • Powered by two built in rechargeable AA batteries. Batteries can be charged when installed in headphone.
  • Robust spray protected headphone with changeable cup cushions.
  • Sound sealing leather cups
  • High comfort full ear coverage.
  • Adjustable height sliding side brackets
  • Made in Germany by the Hermann Sewerin Company

Works only with Sewerin products marked with the SDR logo
.Sewerin Digital Radio Wireless SDR Capable

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