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_Vendor - Trumbull Manufacturing Products

We market a variety of utility industry products from Trumbull Manufacturing. Product lines include:

  • Metering Products
    • Meter Box lids and frames
    • Meter Couplings, Flanges, and Adapters
    • Meter Yokes and Expansion Connections
    • Curb Box Repair Lids
  • Tools
    • Curb Box Keys and Meter Wrenches
    • Valve Box Keys
    • Fire Hydrant Wrenches
    • Soil Probes
    • Manhole Cover Hooks
    • Curb & Valve Box Cleaners and Augers
  • Valve¬†Products
    • Curb & Valve Box Repair Lids
    • Valve Box Lids, Risers, and Repair Tops
  • Fire Hydrant Parts
    • Fire Hydrant Nozzle Caps
    • Fire Hydrant Nozzle Adapters
    • Fire Hydrant Valve Rubbers