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Buyers Guide - Marking Paint & Flags

Information for buyers of Marking Paint and Marking Flags

Marking Paint

Paint for marking underground utilities is water based and designed for temporary marking of underground utilities. Being temporary, it is designed to fade and wash away without harm with time passing, so it does not become permanent "ground graffiti". Use of proper paint is necessary.

Marking paint is also designed to spray with the can upside down, and has a special nozzle that sprays straight rather than at a 90 degree angle to the can. It is recommended to use a paint wand or gun to apply the paint to the ground rather than bending over to do so.

Marking Paint Wands

Marking paint wands allow insertion of the marking paint can and a trigger activates the upside down can. Ergonomically this is easier than hand holding and  bending over to apply paint. It will also keep paint overspray away from hands and clothing. Long wands will keep you from bending over for faster application. We have wands with a wheel that will also provide a consistent line by keeping the nozzle a set distance from the ground. Wands are also available with measuring wheel odometers to help you measure distances as you mark.


Marking Paint  and Flag Color Codes and Marking Standards

The USA standards for marking paint and marking flags is set by the American Public Works Association. The Utility Location & Coordination Council Uniform Color Code and Marking Guidelines are shown below. Marking paints and flags we market comply with these codes.


Call 811 before you dig.

Here is information and links to state 811 regulations.