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Utility Technologies, LLC Line Card - Waterworks and Wastewater Products and Services for Ohio

Our Products and Services - Ohio

  • Water Loss Management – Leak Detection
    • WaterPoint Network Leak and Asset Management iPad App (64 Seconds)
    • Leak Loggers, Locators, Correlators, Detectors (64 Seconds/Sewerin)
    • Water Loss Mapping & Analysis Software (64 Seconds)
  • GIS Mapping and Asset Management Systems
    • WaterPoint Network GIS & Asset Management System (64 Seconds)
    • GIS Field Services (SXblue GPS)
    • GIS data collection/Asset Mgt. software (Field Genius, 64 seconds WaterPoint Network)
    • GPS Locating equipment for GIS
      • iPad GPS locating software – (64 Seconds)
      • GPS receivers and software for GIS – (SXblue GPS Systems)
  • Pipe, Cable, and Asset Locating and Marking Equipment
    • Pipe and Cable Locators (Sewerin/Copperhead)
    • PVC/Non-metallic Water Line locators (Sewerin)
    • RFID Markers, Tags & Locators
    • Measuring Wheels & Valve Box tools
    • Tracer Wire and Connectors
    • Marking Paint, Flags, and Barrier Tapes
  • Water Metering, AMR, AMI, Flow Data and Measurement
    • Polymer Radio Read Meter Box and Manhole Covers (Nicor/Trumbull)
    • Meter Gaskets, Meter Service Locks, and Security Seals
    • Water Hauler self-serve pay & fill stations
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Leak Detection and inspection
    • Leak Dyes and Smoke Testing Equipment – (Bright Dyes)
    • Sewer Inspection Cameras (ForBest,Vivax-Metrotech)
    • Sondes, Locatable probes, and Sonde Locators
  • Utility Billing Office and other Municipal Utility Services
    • Utility Billing Software & Services
    • Municipal web hosting and domain name registration services
    • Water Utility and City mobile app development
    • Water Analytics Software (Conservation, Water Loss, Customer  Communications)
    • Technology Consulting and Training Services
      • Water Loss Management Consulting
      • Leak Detection & Pipe Locator Training & Support
      • Leak Logger System Rental

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