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Iron Water Meter Yoke Bars - Meter setters

Trumbull Manufacturing

  • $17.98

Trumbull Meter Yokes provide uniform spacing and alignment for setting water meters. Used in conjunction with Expansion Connections for easy installation and removal of meters. Cast of gray iron, Class 25, with rust-preventative black coating.

Cast Iron yoke bar in 4 sizes. Yoke Bar only. Does not include end valves and fittings, expansion connections, or water meter. We have expansion connections and gaskets available in other listings. Note that we do not carry the end valves.

If the quantity does not show as in stock, please allow 2-5 weeks lead time for our next vendor order to be placed for your order, or balance to be backordered.

For Meter Size
Part #
Cross References Wt. (lbs.)
5/8 x 1/2 (7.5" Long) 367-5470 Y501,14-1, H-5010 3.65
5/8 x 3/4, 3/4" Short (7.5" long) 367-5469 Y502,14-2, H-5020 4.20
Full 3/4" (9" long) 367-5471 Y503,14-3, H-5030 4.60
1" Meter (10.75" long) 367-5472 Y504,14-4, H-5040 7.30

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