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Nobel Systems Water Distribution System Pressure Monitoring

Nobel Systems

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Nobel Systems Water Distribution Pressure Logging System

The Internet of Things (IoT) based Pressure Monitoring system

As a pioneer in providing cutting edge solutions, Nobel Systems has released an IoT based real-time pressure monitoring system that can be used across a water utility’s Distribution or Transmission Network. The purpose of this system is to continuously monitor pressure (every 3 seconds) throughout strategic points on the distribution network, especially in areas where electric power is not available. The data is transmitted to our GeoViewer through a Verizon or AT&T LTE Cat M1 network. The choice of carrier depends on the cellular signal. If a leak occurs, the pressure drops and alerts the system operator through a push notification.

This solution will revolutionize monitoring and fixing leaks faster, leading to reduced NRW and also increase the data validity scores in the AWWA water loss program

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Nobel Systems Real Time Pressure Monitoring Video Demos

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