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2017 Fix a Leak Week

Posted by Mark Beatty on

2017 Fix a Leak Week

The EPA has designated the week of March 20-26, 2017 as Fix-a-Leak Week. It is geared toward end users, but water utilities should be concerned and think about leaks before the water meter as well. I often hear from utilities that they really don't mind leaks on the customer side of the meter, since it means needed water and sewer revenue for them. This in most cases is not completely true. Most of the meters currently installed in America are not capable of measuring these low flow dripping type leaks. Many old meters are worn with use, and even new mechanical water meters can only measure 1/8 to 1/4 gallon per minute at the low end. The lowest leak most traditional mechanical meters can measure is not the drips that can add up to 10,000 gallons a year, but only the bursts and steady streams of water. The Kamstrup ultrasonic meter my company represents can measure these low flow faucet and shower head type leaks, at flow rates as low as 0.015 GPM. That is equal to about 2 drips per second. I would be happy to provide a comparative demonstration to Ohio utilities interested in measuring and billing every drop. End users will be more concerned with leaks, when it effects their utility bill, and a quality meter than can do that will help encourage conservation. In addition, most utilities need the extra revenue to maintain the system and find leaks on the distribution side of the meter. New solid state meters that can measure low flow can potentially bring in an additional 10% in revenue without raising your rates.

More information about the EPA Fix A Leak Week public campaign.

Fix a Leak Week FACT SHEET

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