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64 Seconds WaterPoint Network Plan

WPN Plan

WaterPoint Network (WPN2) is a software app for IOS iPads or iPhones. The WPN Plan is the cloud services and support that goes with the app. WPN Plans are available for 1, 3, or 5 years, and are renewable at the end of the selected term. The WPN Plan includes the following:

  • Training - Initial training is included with the WPN Plan. Training is 1/2 Day to One Day for as many users as needed. It may be done on site or via web. Utility Technologies offers FREE on-site training in our territory on a scheduled basis.
  • Support - the WPN plan covers telephone or email technical support from 64 seconds for the life of the plan, A User Guide are also available online
  • Multi-user Synchronization - Each IOS device is synchronized as the cloud server level so that during backups, multiple device data is copied/updated to all other devices.
  • Cloud Based Hosting - The WPN plan includes direct seamless access from the app to could based backup, hosting, and database export and reporting features.
  • Data Security - The WPN hosting is managed in a secure data center and backed up daily off-site from your utility. In the event of a catastrophe or lost equipment, you data is secure and managed against outside attacks and computer viruses.
  • Data Import - If you have existing GIS data points, they can be imported from shape files (.shp) or other GIS software to populate the system. If you don't, you can create GIS data directly on the iPad with the built in GIS or via Bluetooth from external high resolution GPS/GNSS receivers.
  • Data Export - You own your entire database and can export as often as you wish to .CSV files. The files can be opened in Excel to make reports, or imported into other applications such as work order systems or other GIS systems. Should you ever not renew your plan, you can download all your data in an open format for use in other software.
  • Future Proofing - When on the plan, you get all software updates, enhancements, and upgrades. The latest major update is WPN2 which all previous WPN1 users are upgraded to at no additional charge.
  • Compatibility - Data can be shared with other software and database systems. WPN is specifically designed to export data compatible with the EPA CUPSS Asset Management database for further financial analysis and life cycle planning.
  • Pricing - Pricing is based on the number of water service connections, not users or devices. A utility can have as many devices and/or uses as it wishes within the plan, for nothing more than the cost of the Apple IOS mobile devices.
    • No annual device licenses
    • No annual per user license

    Other Costs

    he WPN Plan covers most of the costs of using the system. However, there are some other one time hardware costs or ongoing costs of mobile data.

    •  Apple IOS devices - You may use any existing Apple IOS devices you have that are compatible. The devices must be capable of GPS and cellular data transfer for mapping and satellite images internally or externally with mobile hot spots. You may purchase IOS devices from 64 Seconds, your local mobile provider, or electronics retailer.
    • Ruggedized Case - Although not required, we recommend getting ruggedized cases for mobile devices used in the field.  Otterbox and Lifeproof are two highly recommended brands we can supply, or you can purchase others.
    • Mobile Data - For full functionality, a mobile data plan is recommended for each device to view online content such as links to manufacturer spec sheets, and download maps and satellite images. The data plan can often be shared with existing smart phone devices.
    • PLD Leak Locator - We can optionally provide the compatible PLD water leak detector that works wirelessly with WPN. When listening to leak noise on an asset on the map, the leak audio is saved to history an leaks are GIS mapped.
    • LNC Leak Correlator - We can also supply the LNC Leak Noise Correlator that integrates with your GIS data to make leak correlation simple and quick. It too will GIS record leak audio and leak  history data to the map.

    Can I use the WPN App without the WPN Plan?

    Yes, the app is free on the Apple iTunes app store, you can use it with limited local tablet functionality or try it for testing. However, you will not get full functionality. The WPN plan is required for backup, muli-device sync, reporting, and the known asset catalog with brands and models of assets. There are help files, and we can offer ala carte paid 1/2 or full day training and setup. The WPN plan is required for reporting and data export, as well as import of existing GIS data. however, you can create data with the iPad itself. You will also have to do your own data backup and/or restoration as it will not be automated in the app.