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Hydrant Buddy - Fire Hydrant Flushing and Valve Exerciser Tool


  • $500.00

Hydrant Buddy - The easier and safer solution to hydrant flushing


Eligible for the Ohio EPA Public Water System Equipment Grant (dealine for application January 25, 2023
Print this page or contact us for a written quote to use with your grant request.



Hydrant Buddy is the industry's most powerful, lightweight, cordless variable speed, electric, valve operation tool designed to operate both hydrants and gate valves.

Powered by a Milwaukee industrial motor and custom engineered gearbox, Hydrant Buddy is up for any task. Weighing only 23 pounds it improves ease-of-use and productivity, while reducing operator fatigue and chance for injury. The long last battery operates approximately 15-20 hydrants before needing a quick 30 minute charge.

The Hydrant Buddy tool kit includes:
  • Hydrant Buddy
  • Custom Wood Crate
  • Adjustable pentagon socket
  • One charger
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Custom Crate



Hydrant Buddy used for fire hydrant flushing:

 Hydrant Buddy used as a Valve Exerciser (with added optional valve key):

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